Christmas Wreath Creator

I was working on it for a while. You could see elements painted on paper few days ago. Now everything is digitalized and organized in one complex set. I also included a Photoshop file where every element is on it's place and you can arrange your own Christmas wreath just clicking on Photoshop layers. How easy it is you can check watching my short video where I play with this creator.

What you can find inside? Look below. A lot of green wreaths, spruce twigs, holly leaves. Also a lot of apples, oranges, pinecones, hazelnuts, red berries and red bows... it already smells and sounds like Christmas ;)
Everything is separated, without backgrounds, PNG format. High resolution (300dpi) allows you to print everything and make Christmas stationery or Christmas home decorations or what ever you think about. I was thinking even about temporary tatoos ;)

All elements are also arranged in Photoshop file. I tried to organize everything, so you can just click on layers and have fun :)

Grab it on:

Hungry JPG


Creative Market

Have fun! And let me know what you think!