a really good deal

I have an extremely good deal for you guys!

Just right now you can pick a whole bundle of my newest GOLD clipart series. All you have to do is go to my FB page (klick) and:

1. Like my page (if you haven't yet)
2. Buy one of my GOLD clipart (all of them you can find here on Etsy: http://buff.ly/11BPxiF and here on Creative Market: http://buff.ly/11BPvrc )
3. Create something beautiful using one of my GOLD clipart and show me there, on my facebook site
4. And you won ! Give me your email address and you will receive a whole bundle of all seven gold sets
5. deadline - November 30

What can you miss if you won't join?

A lot of cool stuff isn't it? So what you're waiting for?! It will be fun!! I love to see your projects - you guys are always so creative!