Easter sale and new projects

Hi people :)
I want you to know I run a sale on my Etsy stall. From today till monday you can have everything for a half of price.
There is a lot of places were winter is not letting go. So I thought, why not to bright your Easter decorations with fresh spring illustrations :)
Check out my Etsy shop: klick

I hope you like this idea!

I also want to show you few of my latest projects. Last time I showed you my new floral cliparts. Today I have something different.
First set feels like summer for me :) Hand painted sky, moon, stars, birds and palm trees. Sound good! 18 gouache painted backgrounds and few extras to create your summer stationery or some great quote art print.
Etsy: https://etsy.me/2I6XS47
CM: http://bit.ly/2IBt4cR

Another set can be use together with the first one or allone. Colorful hot air balloons, also painted with gouaches, plus few happy pink and blue clouds.
Etsy: https://etsy.me/2DVDHDx
CM: http://bit.ly/2GbpPXX

And the last clipart set today: Easter lambs. They are a little bit crazy and abstract. But sometimes watercolor looseness can add a character to the simple project.
Etsy: https://etsy.me/2ISMs57
CM: http://bit.ly/2upeKRI

Spring news

It's almost spring... almost. Snow is all around me. A little bit melted, not so snowy white and fluffy any more, but still... We are waiting for spring as never. On my windowsill sprouts of leeks, kohlrabi and celery. This year I will have my first garden ever :)

I also paint a lot. For my own projects and for few custom orders.

This is what new you can find in my shop:


ETSY 1.jpg
ETSY 2.jpg
ETSY 3.jpg
ETSY 1.jpg
ETSY 2.jpg
ETSY 3.jpg
ETSY 1.jpg
ETSY 2.jpg

Hello New Year

During Christmas-New Year brake I was working on a new clipart set. I wanted to create something different than watercolors I made before. I wanted something less etheral and soft. I love dry brush efect and I tryed to achive similar efect. I thought the best for this will be a dark paper and contrast, light, thick paint. Swans semed to be ideal objects.

And this is how it turned out:



And here is ready to use clipart set:

Another thing I wanted to try for a long time was animation. It was real fun to make my painting move!


I know it looks like it's not very challenging, but believe me, it is ;)

This clipart set you can find here:

Creative Market


I received a lot of questions from you about vector versions of my clipart illustrations. Adobe Illustrator was not my favorite. Less intuitive than Photoshop I think. I struggled with this for a while. I tried few times. And changed my minde, this software has a potential ;)

This is how one of my floral set looks like as th vector version. Right now you can have it for free and try it out, just click the link bellow:
download link


Let me know if I should work on it and improve something. You are designers, you know the best what you need, so let me know :)

I hope you like this idea. If so more of them will appear in my shop!


December desktop

If you did not change your desktop yet, you can do it now with my free desktop calendar.

And here is a download link:

For this design I used my own Christmas clipart sets which you can find bellow:

Christmas Wreath Creator

I was working on it for a while. You could see elements painted on paper few days ago. Now everything is digitalized and organized in one complex set. I also included a Photoshop file where every element is on it's place and you can arrange your own Christmas wreath just clicking on Photoshop layers. How easy it is you can check watching my short video where I play with this creator.

What you can find inside? Look below. A lot of green wreaths, spruce twigs, holly leaves. Also a lot of apples, oranges, pinecones, hazelnuts, red berries and red bows... it already smells and sounds like Christmas ;)
Everything is separated, without backgrounds, PNG format. High resolution (300dpi) allows you to print everything and make Christmas stationery or Christmas home decorations or what ever you think about. I was thinking even about temporary tatoos ;)

All elements are also arranged in Photoshop file. I tried to organize everything, so you can just click on layers and have fun :)

Grab it on:

Hungry JPG


Creative Market

Have fun! And let me know what you think!


I always wanted to know a little bit more about astronomy. It definitely is not my passion, but having a telescope, watching stars and knowing a little bit more about constellations and whole astronomy things, was always a nice thought for me. I'm not interested in astrology also. But I know, a lot of you are. The sky with all those stars and ancient stories and believes is just beautiful and tempting. I thought it would be nice to have a collection of most popular or just beautiful constellations on a wall. So I painted them :)

I also want to show you my new shop with my collection of wall art. Everything available as the instant download files and ready to print yourself at home or at local printers. Let me know what you think!

Click the image and it lead you to my shop.
Whole collection should be available in a few days. Then I prepared a little inviting sale for you :)

So be in touch!

Christmas is coming :)

So, it's 80 days to Christmas. I love this time of year like most of you. But for me it starts much earlier. I gather Christmas inspirations and paint new Christmas ornaments at the end of summer and begining of fall.
Here's a few pictures from around internet, that inspires me and have a mood I like the most (click on the pictures to find a source)

It's quite late this year, but I want to show you what I painted this year and what will appear next week in all my shops. I know you like "behind the scenes" kind of photos so here we go :)

Hope you will like my new cliparts and backgrounds and you'll make something beautiful with my graphics! Some of patterns can be also a good for winter themed fabrics so I think I'll try to make them seamless.

New meadow clipart set + my first video

Hi people!
Just in minutes I finished my newest watercolor clipart set. It's about meadow, what is obvious when you look at it. Meadow is my never ending inspiration. Planning my new garden (when, oh when it will come to realization!?) I dream about even a tiny piece of meadow flowerbed.
This set will be great for folky, romantic wedding.

A piece of inspiration first:

And my new clipart preview. What you think?

I made also my first video. It is not perfect, but it was fun :) If you are curious how I made this long meadow border from the last preview see this film:

If you want to check where photos come from, click each one and it will lead you to the source.

work in progress

The fear of the blank page is paralyzing me. I wonder how I realized so many projects for my clipart store and for eventual clients!? I don't know if there is any antidotum, beyond just painting more and more. A while ago I bought a nice sketchbook in Ikea. It has a really thick sheets, good for watercolor. It disappeared somewhere in my drawer but I found it yesterday and thought it can be good for painting experiments.
I just must do something with this anxiety, it makes my job less and less satisfying.
If you have any ideas how to fight with this feel free to write. I'm waiting for your tips ;)

Today I created a pear pattern. When whole sketchbook will be filled with every day painted patterns it can be great inspiration book for me.

Have a great monday! despite of everything ;)

Happy New Year :)

Hi there :)
How was your Christmas day and New Year party? For me it was really great time, filled with family meetings and joy. Now it's time to make a new to-do list for 2016... it will be really long...

Together with my school friend we opened a new Etsy shop with printable things for your home. It's called "not2green". Right now we work hard to fill it with new projects. I know there is a lot of places like this in the internet. But we have such big need to create something that we can design from the beginning to the end, print it, touch it and hang it on the wall... and we thought - why not? There's a plenty place for everyone.

Here it is, if you want to check it out:
I'm sure it will evolve many times and I'm curious what it will become.

Last days I was also working on this invitation project for my friend's doughter babtism. I really like to see my project printed :)